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Yorkshire Water and Morgan Sindall Grontmij

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Ammonia monitor relocation and commissioning

Following an initial inspection and reporting process, Servitech has been contracted to relocate a number of existing ammonia monitors and install some new ones. After which we have been contracted to look after these instruments for Yorkshire Water.

 Client Name

Yorkshire Water and Morgan Sindall Grontmij

Project Details

Yorkshire Water have a number of Ammonia monitors installed in final effluent and aeration lane applications. Initially we were asked to review the condition of the monitors and the quality/serviceability of the existing installations. Subsequent to this we were invited to tender to relocate existing units, and to install new systems on the final effluent points of a number of key sites, our tender was successful and we are just about to start performing the work. We have also been awarded a two year maintenance agreement for the monitors on these key sites such that as soon as they are commissioned they will fall under our service contract.

Project description

The initial review work we performed took the form of a survey of each of the sites with existing instruments to assess the efficacy of the installation and the suitability of the installed instruments or the application. We generated a report for each of the sites, with recommendations as to what improvements could be made, and YWS used these reports to aid their decision making process for the Peak Tariff Avoidance Scheme. Alongside the PTAS Yorkshire also asked us to install systems on some other key sits that were at risk of exceeding their consents.

The process for each site is as follows: -

  1. Survey site to view existing installation, and to ascertain the nature of the final effluent measuring point, and the positions of required services.
  2. Generate report on condition of installed equipment, or a proposal for new, and seek approval/sign off by site manager and project team.
  3. Carry out any civils work required (all to Yorkshire Water/MSG specifications)
  4. Install and commission instrumentation and associated ancillary items such as sample pumps

Once the instrument is located, Yorkshire Water’s electrical contractor provide an isolated mains supply and we return to commission the instrumentation.

Note: In YWA’s case we are directed to use a specific monitor at all times. We do, however, make sure we are offering the best solution for the application and design the solution in a way to make sure the final product is the best fit for the site on which it is going to be used, we do not work on the basis of “one size fits all”