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Anglian Water

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Ammonia monitor maintenance/upgrades

Servitech has secured a commercial agreement with Anglian Water to maintain their final effleunt monitors on their waste water plants.

Project Details

We have a commercial agreement with Anglian Water Services to maintain the Ammonia monitors on the final effluent from the majority of their waste water treatment works. A large proportion of the installed base of equipment is in excess of 10 years old and as such a lot of the analysers are reaching the end of their asset life and some are becoming uneconomical to repair.

Project description

There are two aspects to our work with AWS; our primary role is the routine and emergency maintenance of all the monitors under contract. This involves scheduled monthly or fortnightly attendance to site, and also the provision of 24 hour support/call out services for a one off annual fee. Essentially we are responsible for all aspects of the monitor’s upkeep including the provision of the spare parts and reagents required to keep the units operational.

The secondary aspect is that as and when an installed instrument becomes beyond economical repair we reassess the application and offer the “best of breed” instrument from all the available manufacturers of Ammonia monitors. We then install and commission the selected monitor, in place of the defunct unit, ensuring minimal downtime in terms of Ammonia readings coming from the site.

The process when an instrument requires replacement is as follows: -

a)Reassess the location of the installed instrument, and its sample delivery system.

b)Review the available technology that would best suit the application, and generate proposal to site manager.

c)Procure required equipment and build cabinet and or kiosk if required.

d)Install instrumentation and associated ancillary items such as sample pumps.

e)Connect to existing mains isolators and telemetry, and commission

Note: Unless we are directed to a specific monitor by the client we at all times we make sure we are offering the best solution for the application. We do have standard packages however we will design the solution in a way to make sure the final product is the best fit for the site on which it is going to be used, we do not work on the basis of “one size fits all” 

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